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Tuesday 1 January 2013

Week 3, Day 2: Neon Green Lights & 4 mile Repeats on New Years Day

Week 3, Day 2 …

4 x 1 mile at 7 - 7:15 min/mile with 3 min recovery jogs. 7 miles in total.

The New Years Day session is mile repeats … Is this ever a good thing to hear? Especially after a night when you typically have one or two glasses of wine …! I decided to make this run as easy as possible and headed back to Weymouth and the nice smooth – and today non-windy- promenade.

I had 4 x 1 miles at 7 – 7.15 minute/mile pace with a 3 minute jog recovery in between and I had to make it up to a total of 7 miles in all. I decided to have a mile to warm up and then take advantage of the wide promenade to get the faster intervals done.

It was dark, but the promenade is lit along the whole length with street lights and there were tall posts beaming green light out into the bay which was quite pretty – but odd! A legacy of the Olympics as some of the sailing events were held at Weymouth. It was interesting to run along there at night and this evening it was fairly empty although there were still lots of dogs running around for me to avoid tripping over. They seem to make a beeline for my ankles every time!

The lights beaming into bay at Weymouth

I found this session quite hard, but I was relieved to find at the end that my splits were fairly even. I was checking my Garmin periodically to keep an eye on my pace – I hadn’t set pace alerts – so it was nice to see that the times didn’t vary widely and that I didn’t slow down too much towards the end, although I notice that the recovery jogs got slower. 

Me looking relieved to have finished!

Mile Splits: 7:00, 6:58, 6:49, 6:54.

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