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Thursday 17 January 2013

Week 5, Day 3: Snow Run! Good run / bad run ...

Week 5, Day 3

Goal: 8 miles steady 8:30 – 9 min/mile.
Actual : 9 miles at 8:50 min/mile.

This was a hard run for 3 reasons:
  • I’d had a double session today as I’d had to complete intervals from the session yesterday at lunchtime.
  • It was very cold – it took me about 5.5 miles to warm up despite thermals and wearing 4 layers!
  • Lots of ice and snow made the roads and paths treacherous.

This was a good run for these reasons:
  • I didn’t look at the pace on the Garmin as I didn’t want to feel I had to up the pace in these conditions. I ran to what felt comfortable ... and safe!
  • It was beautiful! There was hoar frost all over the trees and the snow made satisfying crunching noises as I ran over it.
  • My pace was in the right range!! See – all I need is a bit of snow and my pacing sorts itself out!

Distance: 9.05 miles (Accidentally added another mile on thinking I had another mile to make up from yesterday)
Time: 1:19:55
Average Pace: 8:50 min/mile    


  1. I think I may have one of these coming up later :) hope my trail shows do the job !!

  2. How did you get on with your icy snowy run? Did the trail shoes perform? I used my good old Asics 2160 road shoes today on the snow! :)