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Thursday 24 January 2013

Week 6, Day 3: 9.77 miles in the Yak Trax

Week 6, Day 3

Goal: 9 miles steady at 8:30 – 9 min/mile

Actual: 9.77 miles at 9:46 min/mile ... in the snow and ice

As the snow still seems to be sticking around, I put my Yak Trax back on for this run and headed out to do the miles around the town. Just like my previous snow runs, I didn’t try to stick to the pace guidelines as I wanted to focus on safety. It would be gutting miss the Paris Marathon because of a broken leg ...!

Distance: 9.77 miles

Avg Pace: 9:46 min/mile

HR: AVG - 141 bpm MAX - 176 (actually remembered the HR strap!)


  1. Nice :) do they work these Yak trak dodhas ?

  2. Yep - can totally recommend them! :) They're like rubber stretchy circles that fit round your trainers with metal springs around the rubber. They work really well and because there aren't any spikes you don't have to worry about them being blunted on the roads or pavements. I used them throughout the snowy week without any problems. Probably did 30 or so miles in them.