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Friday 1 May 2020

Nutrition: The Alternative to Eating Your Bodyweight in Chocolate and Cheese during Lockdown

I have FOMO. That’s fear of missing out. Whether it’s an exciting sounding new event, a party with friends or trying out a new restaurant. I have to be there. I have to do it. Or I sulk. 

Unfortunately this also extends to food whether that’s ‘other people’s cheese’, a new coffee or chocolate in the fridge. Side note: I don’t truly believe that cheese can belong to other people. It’s mine. It’s all mine. And chocolate in the fridge has a rule in our house: if it’s been in there for over 24hrs whoever put it in there can’t REALLY want it. So it’s fair game. 

And during lockdown this can be dangerous. Especially when the fridge is what’s full of what is technically other people’s snacks. And I have FOMO. What if it’s REALLY GOOD chocolate and I never try it and then I miss my chance and I will NEVER find out how it tasted? 

That's MY cake. Not yours. MINE.

As you imagine, living with me is a delight. Particularly if you expect to store things in the fridge. 

I therefore have a few strategies to cope with FOMO or as my husband calls it my ‘kleptomania around other people’s food’. 

  1. Be vegan. Chocolate AND cheese is now off limits. 
  2. Never ever open the fridge again. NOTE: But how will you get at the hummus and carrot sticks?
  3. Persuade your family never to keep stuff in the fridge unless they’re ok with it being eaten by you. 
  4. Work out how far you’d actually have to move to work off that Easter egg. Run HOW FAR? Not so tempting now is it?
  5. Tell everyone to get you a pot plant for Easter instead. Congrats you now have a house full of plants instead of tasty tasty chocolate. NOTE: Check for triffids.
  6. Every time someone offers you a snack do a lap of the back garden. You’ll get your miles in despite the lockdown AND you won’t have to worry about extra pounds. Note: husband may take advantage of this to take control of the remote control and keep you running while he relaxes with a beer and an episode of WWE. 

Here. Have some manky bananas.

But seriously I do feel better when I eat healthier.  And I tend to move a bit quicker too. Particularly useful when I want to beat my husband and child to the fridge. And for racing too of course.


  1. I track my food. It makes me more accountable. I use MyFitnessPal but there are plenty of decent apps out there. It makes me a bit more mindful of what I’m eating and I’m less likely to treat the fridge as a buffet when I’m going to have to write everything down.
  2. I did ACTUALLY go vegan. It’s a lot harder to eat the cheese and chocolate when you’re morally not supposed to … I’d like to say I went vegan for the animals but actually my little sister dared me to do it and I found my recovery times were really improved when training so I stuck with it. 
  3. I feel much better when I eat food which is better for my body. There will always be a place in my heart (and hand!) for chocolate but I know I’ll feel better if I eat a few squares of dark chocolate rather than an entire box of Celebrations. 
  4. Be kind to yourself. Lockdown is new to us all. Does it really matter if we have a few treats and don’t get to train as well as usual? Not at all. It’s strange times. So long as you and your family are healthy and happy, training can wait. There will be other things to try if you fancy them - online yoga has been interesting, Zwift has been a revelation and homeschooling has been a challenge … but we’re coping. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the article. Clearly it’s a bit tongue in cheek but don’t forget to smile and try something new if you get the chance!