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Wednesday 7 December 2022

ASICS Road+Run Sock Review: Why NOT thinking about socks is important

* These socks were sent to me for free as part of being an ASICS FrontRunner. I don’t get paid for reviewing them but I chose to review these as I like them. It’s an unbiased review – I’m saying exactly what I think.* 

The main thing I want from a run sock is to not think about it. I want the benefits – of course! - but I don't want to be consciously thinking about my socks. Because if I am then something is wrong.

Things I think about socks:
  • I think the heel is slipping down ...
  • I've got a draught between the top of the sock and the bottom of my run tights ...
  • Ouch – is that a wrinkle in the sock?

So anything I consciously think about a sock during a run is negative! And this is pretty much how I know I've got a decent pair of run socks on … I don't have to think about them!

And I can confirm this is precisely when I thought when running in my 'Cushioned road + quarter sock' … nothing. They performed perfectly. No wrinkles, no slipping and were the perfect height.

The race conditions were horrible … plenty of rain, wind and puddles and despite all of this and wet feet, the socks were … not thought of! Perfect! They were perfect.

When I put them on in the morning pre-race, I did notice how very soft to the touch they were and the cushioned heel section meant that they fitted well and didn't slip. Both very positive things in a race sock. And then I didn't have to think about them again.

And this is precisely why I'd buy them again.

Want some socks you don't have think about? Link here.