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Thursday 26 May 2016

MedalDisplays Review: I HATE medals ... *cough*

I pretend I don’t do my races for the bling.

I’m a big fat liar. 

I don’t do anything with my medals when I’ve earned them OF COURSE. I just wear them for one ENTIRE day, showing everyone I meet my shiny bit on a string. I definitely DON’T then take multiple selfies with medal. All I do is hang it on the handle of the cabinet in the living room for a couple of weeks. Nonchalantly. And definitely make no reference whatsoever to it when I have visitors.

I just do that weird shifty eye and head nod thing towards the cabinet. Insistently. 

*Does head nod towards cabinet*

So when Medal Displays asked me if I’d review one of their medal hangers I obviously said no. *cough*. I may have shouted “yes!”. Loudly. As usual I said I’d like to review the product but I would say exactly what I thought. If it was bendy and a bit rubbish, I’d say. But if it was amazing, ran races for me and won medals FOR me, I’d say that to. (p.s. Medal Displays, if you can manage to make a medal hanger that does the ‘running races for me’ thing, can you put one on pre-order for me)

They sent me ‘Dream. Believe. Achieve. 

What’s different about this medal hanger?

  • Solid construction. I bought myself an acrylic one from another supplier from a running show but it didn’t even survive the trip home. Unfortunately what once was an inspiring slogan now now proudly proclaims ‘B_ood Sweat and Tears’. I don’t’ know what ‘bood’ is but I don’t think I’d want it on my run kit. However my ‘Dream. Believe Achieve’ hanger is of solid construction and being made from stainless steel 3mm thick, I don’t think I’m going to be losing letters any time soon.
  • Smart look. It’s made from brushed stainless steel so it looks smart and has a nice smooth look. 
  • Clear instructions. The instructions are on the pack so before you even open it, you know what to do which is a nice touch. They’ve also included the screws to fix the medal hanger to the wall.
  • Customer Service. The company seem very customer centric. The delivery confirmation included such touches as ‘handled with white gloves’ and I received a feedback request from them a couple of days after delivery. It gives the impression that this company really do want you to be pleased with their product. 
  • Well packed and signed for. They want you to get their product in tip top condition. 
  • Changed Your Mind? There’s a 110% refund if you don’t like your medal hanger. 
  • Shipping. Shipped within 24 hours which is great if you’re buying one as a gift. 
  • Price. £24.99 so not too pricey and looks more expensive than it is. 
  • Size. I love the font and the shape of the hanger, but I felt that it was possibly a bit small and felt that maybe the letters could be a bit taller.
  • Drill. Although the instructions were clear and precise you need a drill to put it up on the wall. Maybe this is standard with medal hangers. I didn’t get to hang the last one (from a different supplier) as it didn’t make it home in one piece. I wasn’t sure what ‘B_ood’ was and didn’t want to advertise that was what my medals cost me. 

What didn’t I like?

To be honest, I like to try and keep things even in reviews, but I’m struggling to find things I don’t like. It’s solid, came well packed and the company appear eager to help. I liked this a lot.

If you want one of your own you can order here:


  1. Don't tell anyone (except the internet, obvs) but I throw mine away now...
    Bibi x

    1. *Gasp* You throw them away? But what do you keep on the handles of the doors in the spare room??