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Monday 9 May 2016


I'm trying to eat sensibly. That means no creme eggs.

I’m eating what I think I should be and adding in some healthy snacks such as fruit, some nuts and I'm trying to avoid too much mixing of ingredients and making things. I'm trying to keep it simple. 

I'm trying SO hard.

But ... I am great at allowing ONE thing in that seems harmless, such as those raw nut bars and then thinking “ …well fruit bars are ALMOST the same … And Mars bars have caramel in and that comes from sugar canes which are plants, right?” … Then it all goes to hell and I’m lying on the sofa surrounded by sweet wrappers and with chocolate smeared around my face. Just no.

This is ACTUAL cheese that's in my fridge right now.

I’m generally feeling good. No bloating. No excessive hunger. And I’m not missing chocolate or cows milk but my stomach has other ideas. It doesn’t mind the lack of pick n mix sweets. (My mouth does though) It’s not even that bothered about the dark chocolate. But it IS grumpy about the lack of cheese. And if I listen carefully I can actually hear my stomach shouting “Cheese!” GIVE ME CHEESE!” And shouldn’t I be listening to my body? Even if lack of cheese is bringing on auditory hallucinations?

I’m sure all the experts say “Listen to your body.” Mine wants cheese.

And didn’t I see a Mars bar around here somewhere?

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