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Saturday 3 February 2018

ASICS FrontRunner UK: A Year of Smiles

So … ASICS FrontRunner applications have opened for 2018. 

It seems funny that it was only a year ago that I applied to be a FrontRunner because so much has happened in the team since. People who I'd previously only seen on social media or in the pages of running magazines have become firm friends. Team members have become parents for the first time. Races have been won … and lost. Course records broken and new PBs won.

It's been a year of smiles. 

And that's why ASICS FrontRunner is important to me. It's about smiles and about having fun and enjoying our sports. In the FrontRunner team we all share a passion for running – and socialising, but there's no comparison in times, goals or years of sports. It's all about the people. And about the love of a good run. And sometimes the stories of the bad runs. Because they're important too. 

"But these race instructions don't tell me how to ask for a beer in German"! 
We're a group of people with completely different backgrounds, different goals and different race distances and disciplines but we all share a love of running and movement and have a common goal which is to encourage others to participate too. 

Meeting the locals ...

Being the locals ... (at Holly's local parkrun)

Does this sound like something you'd enjoy? Then I'd recommend you to apply to be a FrontRunner. It's been such a positive experience for me. New friends made, new sports tried (SUP rugby anyone?) and some amazing memories. Not forgetting Pete dressed up as a banana in Germany trying to win a 5k … or Marcus pole dancing … or Becca and Corey warming up my feet with a hairdryer after a cold run in Bath! 
ANOTHER costume, Pete??

Fancy some new friends? Some AMAZING friends? Who also like running (it's totally a win/win, right??) And some AMAZING kit? 

Becca: "So we just have to hold hands and cross the line together?"
Marcus: *practises sprint start*

Apply HERE  

... And don't forget your smiley photo!  


  1. Nice experience! I've been considering to apply next year, is it difficult? I've been running since the beginning of the year and I love how hard and rewarding has been for me. It made me realise anything can be possible and it is just matter if practice and consistency.

    1. Hi Claudia, please do! We've got such a great bunch of people and very welcoming! There's a wide range of people from ones with loads of experience and ones just starting out! Glad you're enjoying running and finding it rewarding - it really does get easier too! :)