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Monday 7 January 2013

Training Schedule: Week 4

Week 4:

Mon Jan 7th:                 Rest

Tues Jan 8th:                10 x 400 in approx 95 secs, starting every 2 mins 30 (7M in total)

Weds Jan 9th:               8M slow in 8:30-9 min miles

Thurs Jan 10th:             5M build up run - starting at slower than 8s and ending up at 7:20s.

Fri Jan 11th:                  Rest

Sat Jan 12th:                 Fartlek - 5M in total

Sun Jan 13th:                14M steady in 8:30s

Week total:                   39 miles


  1. Looks a full week my friend, wish I was up to that lol :)

  2. It's nice because every week is different ... I'm not getting a chance to get bored of any of the sessions! :) A nice long run this weekend too so hopefully if I time it right I can run to a pub for lunch! :)