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Sunday 20 January 2013

Week 5, Day 6: 6.4mile fartlek on treadmill ... 'nuff said

Week 5, Day 6

Goal: 6 miles of hills or fartlek
Actual: 6.4 miles fartlek at an average 9:04 min/mile on treadmill

I decided to do this session on the treadmill as it would be difficult to maintain speed or to do anything other than what was safe in the snow this evening. The slushy snow that was slightly melting has now frozen over and I thought it might be a bit treacherous in the dark so I cheated and turned to the trusty … if more boring, treadmill.

I'm afraid that this may possibly be the most boring training update ... ever. If Carlsberg did boring status updates, then this may be one of theirs...

Absolutely nothing of note happened, apart from a brief loo break at about kilometre 4 ... but I know you don't require any information about *that* ... so I'll adjourn.


  1. Sometimes the boring had to accompany the exciting :) It's all training right !

  2. You're right Paul! All miles in the bank and another big tick on the schedule! Yes ... I AM that sad ... (hangs head in shame)