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Wednesday 9 January 2013

Week 4, Day 2: Trying not to Flash, Closed Track and a Change of Session

Week 4, Day 2

Goal 1: 10 x 400m starting every 2 mins 30 …
Actual: 2 mile warm up and a trip to Sainsburys.

Goal 2: 5 mile build up run starting at 9 min miles and ending at 7:20
Actual: 5 mile build up run starting at 9 min miles and ending at 7:18 (so close!)
I’ve ended up switching Tuesday (Day 2) and Thursday (Day 4) training sessions this week.

I was feeling very pleased with myself as I’d managed to wangle getting out of the office an hour early to do this session.

So all ready and psyched up for 10 x 400m at a 6 – 6.22 minute/mile starting every 2 minutes 30 … and the track was closed. 

If that wasn’t bad enough, I‘d spent 15 minutes in the cinema car park with my car in the darkest corner possible trying to surreptitiously get changed without a) flashing anyone b) knocking the handbrake off and rolling the car down the hill INTO the cinema and c) having security knock on the window with a big torch and ask what I thought I was doing.

I decided that I’d do the warm up anyway and hopefully by the time I finished a couple of slow miles the track would be open. Did a slow loop and I could see that the lights were still off at the track. Stopped at Sainsburys for a tube of toothpaste … godliness, cleanliness, speediness etc but the track lights were still off when I came out. Bother.

I was on a tight schedule tonight and if I couldn’t get the session done before 6pm I was going to have to do the run at 10.30pm with a headtorch …

(Wavy lines …. Just think of Wayne and Garth from Waynes World saying “Diddly, do, diddly do…”

A bit wet and dark out there tonight!

10.30pm … headtorch on, running gear STILL on, Garmin picking up signal … And she’s off. Very, very slowly …

I was determined to get the splits right on the run tonight after previously going too quickly in practically every session … and I think I (finally!) pretty much nailed it.

Mile 1  9:02
Mile 2 8:38
Mile 3 8:10
Mile 4 7:37
Mile 5 7:18


  1. lol love the image of the car change :) great bulid up run too !

  2. Thanks Paul! Relieved to confirm I haven't been arrested for either 1), b) or c) !!