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Tuesday 1 January 2013

Paris Marathon Training Schedule: Week 3

Week 3:

Mon Dec 31st:              Rest

Tues Jan 1st:                4x mile in approx 7 mins to 7:15 with 3 mins rest/jog: 7M in total

Weds Jan 2nd:              7M slow in 9 min miles

Thurs Jan 3rd:               5M with middle 3M at HM pace (approx 7:30s)

Fri Jan 4th:                    Rest

Sat Jan 5th:                   Hills or parkrun - 5M in total

Sun Jan 6th:                  12M steady in 8:30s

Week total:                   36 miles


  1. You'e such an ass-kicker, doing this week of training for only week 3, in the aftermath of Christmas! Go Sarah Go!

  2. Awww thanks Sarah!! That's the bit of motivation I need today! I've got 7 miles in the schedule for today, but it's already dark and it's been raining all day! So ... inspired by your cheering I'm putting on the trainers and heading out!! :)