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Wednesday 2 January 2013

Week 3, Day 3: Pitch Black Running & Piles of 'Rural Mud'.

Week 3, Day 3

Goal: 7 miles 

Actual: 7.47 miles in 8:34 min/mile

It was dark, wet and muddy and I’d missed the last of the daylight … so with the help of the offer of a pint of Thatcher’s Cider at the local pub, I’d managed to persuade my Dad to accompany me on his push bike. It gets a bit dark in the lanes around here at night and if I went on my own I’d probably have got spooked by one of those scary bunny rabbits and started running quicker and quicker until I was running madly and gibbering  like someone out of one of those horror movies. Except they don’t usually wear a headtorch and trainers.

I’m afraid the photos aren’t up to much tonight as it was REALLY dark. I tried to take a photo of the lanes but all that came out was a black square with a road sign in the distance glowing in the light of my headtorch.
See ... told you it was dark.

My Dad had on his hi-viz and headtorch for the bike and I had on my hi-viz and headtorch but even the glow from all of that didn’t really make much impact on the dark. The moon and stars were hidden by clouds and I kept tripping over potholes and piles of … lets call it ‘rural mud’ in the lanes.

Dad on his bike.

The goal tonight was a 7 mile recovery run from the speed session yesterday and the aim was to keep the pace in the 9 minute miles, but I didn’t quite manage that. 

In hindsight I should have set the Garmin up to record the average pace and keep it to a 9 minute/mile that way but as it was I was checking the Garmin every couple of minutes in the light of the headtorch and adjusting the speed from the pace currently showing … so the pace was out by almost 25 seconds a mile. Not good. But at least I know what to do next time …

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