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Tuesday 22 January 2013

Week 6, Day 1: Spinning Legs & Sweaty Digits

Week 6, Day 1 (HOW is it week 6 already??!)

Goal: 20 x 200m in approx 45 seconds starting every minute 6M total (6.02 min/mile)
Actual: 20 x 200m in approx 45 seconds starting every minute 5.63M total (ran out of time on lunch hour!)

The deep snow is still around, so I’m afraid that this is another treadmill session … yes – cheating AGAIN! If it makes it seem less cheat-y, the treadmill wouldn’t slow down properly as the touch screen wouldn’t work with sweaty fingers (nice, right?) so I did end up doing slightly longer intervals than intended all the while stabbing at the screen with a perspiring digit and swearing (in a muffled way so I didn’t get banned from the gym) while my legs span wildly trying to keep up with the treadmill belt.

Yes, I really did look as silly as it sounds.

2 mile warmup at 12.5kmph (about 7:45 min/mile)
20 x 200m at 16.2 kmph (about 5:58 min/mile)
I did the recoveries at about 5kmph (although by the time the treadmill had slowed down to this, it was time to start it up again!)

Total of 9km

I’m missing 1km as I ran out of time on my lunch hour, so I’ll add this onto my longer run tomorrow to keep things neat and tidy!

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