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Thursday 24 January 2013

Week 6, Day 4: Treadmills & Mages with no Noses

Week 6, Day 4

Goal: 6 mile build up run – Starting at 8:30s moving to 7s

Actual: 6.7 miles total – Starting at 8:30s moving through 7s (well 6:54 min/mile but had to round it up to 14kmh on treadmill. Honest!)

Had an email this morning confirming that the Rugby track is still closed due to the amount of snow. It’s beautiful outside, but not really great conditions for a run over about 9 min/mile. But I’m sure I’ll appreciate the extra intensity the snow is providing when it makes the later sessions easier. But in the meantime, it looks like tonight’s build up session will be yet another run on the treadmill ...

It’s a build-up run so at least it will be more interesting than running the whole session at one speed, but 7 miles on a treadmill. Sigh.

I’m really enjoying the longer runs in the snow, but I don’t enjoy treadmill running  ... there are no distractions. I listen to an audiobook, but then my mind wanders and I start trying to remember what’s on the shopping list and why I need a square battery and before I know it I’ve missed 3 minutes of the audiobook and have absolutely no idea why Jim Smith the student mage is now a zombie with no nose. And then I remember I’m on the treadmill. And then it all starts again …

But … managed tonight’s 6 mile build up run:

1st mile at 11.4 kmh (8:28 min/mile)

2nd mile at 11.8 kmh (8:11 min/mile)

3rd mile at 12.4 kmh (7:47 min/mile)

4th mile at 12.8 kmh (7:33 min/mile)

5th mile at 13.3 kmh (7:16 min/mile)

6th mile at 14 kmh (6:54 min/mile)

Total: 6.7 miles including warm up/ cool down.


  1. Nice work especially at t'mill :)

  2. I sympathise - I hate running on a dreadmill with every fibre of me! Hope the weather improves sharpish! ;-)

  3. Thanks guys! I really dislike running on the treadmill ... the boredom strikes from the moment I get on! The rain Sunday night seems to have washed away all the snow ... and replaced it with floods. But at least it won't be slippery! Hope it's better your neck of the woods too! :)