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Friday 1 February 2013

Physio update: Apparently I'm Not a Normal Marathon Runner

Physio update!

I went to see a physio in Northampton yesterday. My pride was slightly dented when he failed to hide a smirk when I told him that I’d damaged myself falling into a ditch. Apparently this isn’t a ‘normal’ marathon runner’s injury. (Sulk) Marathon runners wear lycra, carry loo roll and the blokes stick Vaseline on their nipples. What’s he trying to say? ;)

But it’s all good news. He thinks I jarred the joints in my lower back and the muscles around it when I fell over, but the problem is muscular not a joint problem. He’s given me a bit of an MOT and I’ve got a full range of movement and there’s no nerve irritation. He spent a while giving me a sports massage and easing the back and it feels huge amounts better.

I’m going to jump back into the schedule and do the 5 mile fartlek or hills session and then the 20 mile long run on Sunday. I’d like to do the same route as last Sunday … but I’m going to drive it first to check for flooding and to check where I got lost. I don’t want an action replay of last week. And I promise … no jumping ditches. Well. No falling over anyway.


  1. Good new the injury is just muscular :) painful none the less no doubt. Just caught up on your last few posts, keep it up superstar !!

  2. Thanks Paul! I did this weeks long run earlier and it was fine. Well ... a bit sore but I think that's part and parcel of running a long run, isn't it? Manky toenails, an urge to eat everything in the fridge and aching body parts!