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Thursday 7 February 2013

Week 8, Day 3: 7 miles with Half a Boob Job

Week 8 day 3

Goal: 7 miles in 8 min/mile
Actual: 7 in 7:48 min/mile 54:34

Note: Steve Marathon Coach had changed this session from the original of 7 miles in 8:30 min/mile.

It was a very cold night, but all of my jackets seemed to be in the wash so I ended up with layers. 5 layers in fact.  3 of which were hi-viz ... or as a Twitter buddy said “tri-viz”. If the streetlights were to go out tonight then I was going to be prepared. Probably overheated ... but prepared.

I had on my big thermal gloves - which as I still haven’t got round to putting them on a string – ended up stuffed down the front of my top within the first mile. I looked as though I was either halfway through a rather dramatic boob job and had only had a chance to get one side done or I was about to display a chest burster like in the Alien films. Either way I reckoned it should put off any potential muggers, molesters or chavs who were hanging around.

The run was uneventful, the combination of layers and the gloves stuffed down my front kept me warm and I’m relieved to say the streetlights stayed on this time.

Session Summary:

Goal: 7 miles in 8 min/mile
Actual: 7 in 7:48 min/mile 54:34
0.22 mile warm down

Total 7.22 in 56:27

Bright enough for you?


  1. A one handed molester would have been right at home with his perfect victim

    1. I should have thought ahead really ... Damn those one handed molesters!!

  2. hahaha great post! xx

  3. You really were in Alien weren't you lol ?

  4. Hee hee!! I looked as though I was about to have a starring role that night! :)