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Monday 5 November 2012

Zombie Running - An Excuse to Eat All the Sweeties

Along with most of the population of England under 50 years old, I dressed up for Halloween. It was an excuse to wear my zombie bride outfit and to plaster my face in grease paint and go overboard with the eyeliner.

I can see why Goths do it. It must be fun scaring little children. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the opportunity to terrify toddlers as we had no Trick or Treaters. At all. I guess we must live in ‘The Spooky House’. Or maybe I look like I’ve already eaten all the sweets.

It got to half past eight and I resigned myself to the fact that I’d have to eat all the sweets and chocolate I’d bought for the trick or treaters by myself. The shame.

But … was there a way to do it guilt free? I could go for a run first. Although that would mean I’d have to wash all of the Halloween make up off …

Or would it?

Decided to go for a run as Runner 5 from Zombies, Run! game but an unsuccessful runner 5. Yes. Exactly. But it was an excuse to go for a run dressed as a zombie. Without the neighbours calling the local Special hospital.

It was fun! I only did a quick 4 mile loop around the local area but it was fun doing it in grease paint and I had a silly grin on my face the whole way. Not just the painted one.

I had one scary moment though. A woman was taking an Alsatian for a walk on the other side of the road and it saw me and freaked out. It properly went mental and nearly pulled the woman over to get to me and eat me. Not a happy doggie. I don’t know whether it was the greasepaint or whether she had raised it on a diet of runners but this dog really wanted to get at me. If the woman had let go of the leash I would definitely have been mauled. Not good. I put a burst of speed on and got out of there.

I passed a few trick or treaters. Mainly 5 year olds with their parents taking them round as an excuse to pinch some sweeties from the kids. Saw no other runners at all though. Maybe the Alsatian had already eaten them. They definitely missed out on something though. I think this may be the start of a zombie running tradition. 

I just need to keep avoiding that dog ... otherwise I may not need the makeup next year.


  1. LOL I wish you'd run around this way I'd definitely have been up for that!!!

  2. Well ... I'm hoping to start a tradition! You're welcome next year ... so long as you don't expect me to share the sweeties!! ;)