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Wednesday 28 November 2012

Running Faster by Not Running ... And Dancing in Front of the TV

I’ve got no more races planned this year. None at all. I keep thinking I should open up Running Diary or have a look in the back of Runner’s World magazine to book some in. But something is stopping me ...

I think it’s the freedom.

It’s liberating. I’m running for fun. If it’s wet and cold outside, I can do something else like an aerobics DVD with Three Year Old in front of the TV. I tell her it’s dancing and let her wear her party dress and we have a great time. The cat thinks we’re both completely mental but she doesn’t say anything out loud so we let her watch.

This week instead of running I went to the gym and did strength classes instead. I’ve done Legs, Bums and Tums and a class called On The Ball. It’s an attempt to get more core strength and to do something about my spaghetti arms. I’ve been meaning to do these classes for ages but I haven’t liked to sacrifice the time I usually use for running. It’s been fun. Not quite the same as running in the cold air and getting the Runners High but it’s been fun.

After a week of just gym classes and no running, I decided to have a go at the local parkrun. I felt strong throughout and comfortable and knocked 22 seconds off of my previous 5km best time.

I think this week’s rest from running has done me good. But a part of me can’t help thinking maybe if I don’t EVER run again, except parkruns, I could knock off 5 more minutes from my 5km time? However, I strongly suspect this may be crooked thinking and my innate laziness kicking in.


  1. I think having some chillaxed time off where you don't feel guilty about every single day you don't run is great. Both for your head and your legs. ;)

    And by the way, you're friggin' fast!!!!