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Friday 23 November 2012

Runner's World Asics Target 26.2 2013

14th November

Just got a call from Lucy at Runner’s World. I’d like it to be noted that I didn’t wee in excitement (although it was a close thing). I’d entered the Asics 26.2 Competition which offers the chance to be trained and entered for the Paris marathon and Lucy was calling to check my availability for the bootcamp date!

I confirmed that I was available for the dates she’d advised and that was that!

I’m now trying desperately to remember whether she said I was actually shortlisted for the bootcamp or whether she was just checking availability for the bootcamp. My memory goes from chicken to goldfish when I’m nervous or excited about something.

I’m now checking my emails every 5 minutes (who am I kidding ... every 2 minutes) to see whether a confirmation email has come through.

It hasn’t ... yet.






15th November

Still haven’t had an email asking me to go to bootcamp. Does this mean they don’t want me? (Quietly sobs)

Lots of posts on the forum thread saying that they’ve had phone calls and one or two saying they’ve received an email requesting their attendance ... maybe they called EVERYONE? (sobs more loudly)

Back to checking emiails (iclduing spam folder) every 2 minutes.






Still no bloody email. People have been talking on the Runner’s World forum thread about how they’ve already received their emails.  Looks like I’m out of luck this year then….

Rechecks emails. Sulks.

16th November

D-Day. The final opportunity.

I checked my emails upon awakening and approximately every couple of minutes since then. And the spam folder.

The phone battery has already died once due to the amount of email checking. Commit to only checking phone if I hear new email noise.

Check for new emails.

Spot an email with running in title and nearly have heart attack. Damn you Women’s Running newsletter.

Recharge phone again. Decide to tidy house and go into town to stay busy so I can’t check emails all the time.

An email from Runner’s World has arrived ... heart stopped again … another BLOODY NEWSLETTER! Are they deliberately trying to keep us in suspense?!


An email has arrived….

“Runner’s World Target 26.2 Bootcamp”. Fingers unable to open it as trembling two much.

(After phone has been dropped twice, I manage to open the email)

“…Thank you for your application to the Runner’s World ASICS Target 26.2 project. W’re very happy to inform you that you have been selected for out Bootcamp Selection Day in Birmingham on Friday 30th November – congratulations!”

Bloody hell. No really. BLOODY HELL. I’m in!! I’m bloody in.

The first step towards being a part of the Runner's World ASICS 26.2 Target!


  1. You will be super! well done Sarah :)

    1. Thanks Paul! My thinking is that even if I completely cock it all up, there will still be jaffa cakes and a goody bag at the end! :)