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Thursday 22 November 2012

Biting the Dreadmill Bullet

I’ve done it. I’ve finally bitten the bullet and ordered a treadmill. Not one of those swanky gym ones with televisions and little key slots and all that. One from ebay. For £50. Apparently I have to hold it shut with a cable tie. But it works.

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I’d decided it was time to look into indoor running. I LOVE running outdoors and treadmills – or dreadmills – just can’t really compare. The problem wasn’t the rain or the mud or the alsations, it was fitting the time in for running. Either myself or The Mister is running around ... not doing running ...  and if he isn’t in the house keeping an eye on The Three Year Old then I need to be. I can’t go swanning off for a run when she’s there. And she can’t keep up if I take her with me. She only has short, podgy, lovely Three Year Old Legs, there’s plenty of time for running in straight lines when she’s older.

I’m hoping that with a treadmill I can get some running in after The Three Year Old is asleep. The garage is next to the house and I’ve got a video monitor I can Big Brother at her from. I wouldn’t be wasting precious time with her when she’s awake going for a run instead I’d be able to do it when she’s asleep. And I wouldn’t be going out with my hi-viz and headtorch on at midnight, like I’ve had to do several times recently.

My midnight running is like a reverse Cinderella. I get home, all smart in my work gear, get changed into running kit, go out for a run and return soaking wet with muddy feet and hair like I’ve been dragged through a hedge. At least if I’m running indoors I can avoid scaring people.


  1. Good for you Sarah, I wonder if that will sound perculiar from outside the garage lol, better warn the neighbours :)

  2. Ha ha! Lots of heavy breathing and thumping coming from the garage! I think the neighbours think I'm pretty strange anyway so it'll probably only strengthen their suspicions!