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Saturday 1 September 2012

Sulky and Sniffly

This cold is still hanging on. I’m grumpy and blocked up and sulky. I’m not good to be around when I can’t go out for a run to chill out. I’m being encouraged to run from all angles – I’m obviously getting near the ‚She’s-Driving-Me-Barmy‘ stage, but my head feels like an overstuffed pillow and I haven’t found a way to stop my nose running. I don’t even think an applicator tampon stuck up each nostril will help.  Although I may get the look of Arnie from Total Recall when he’s pulling the locator from his nose ...


I’m tempted to go for a run tonight, but the cold isn’t quite as bad as yesterday and I don’t want to bring it back ... as though not going for a run is like a superstition. This cold WILL go away if I just don’t run for a bit. Although my hands are freezing, but my back is boiling hot. I think the run is off for today too ...

That’s five whole days.

I could be going for a long run. I could be doing Zombies, Run! Intervals, I could be finding new hills to run up. And down. Or listening to my new audiobook on the LSRs.

Instead I’m sitting here, surrounded by snotty tissues. And stinky mugs of lempsip. (Well I assume they’re stinky – I can’t smell them) And being grumpy

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