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Thursday 13 September 2012

Bristol Half marathon and Pink Compression Gear

The pack for Bristol Half Marathon has turned up with a pretty blue race number. Decided it might be a good idea to actually give the knee a try after 5 days off and see whether the pain returned with running. It’s been fine all day, but I’ve been getting shooting pains down the other leg which makes me suspicious that the root cause might be an old back problem rather than a problem with my knee.

I’m a bit relived to be honest, as the back problem is an old one and the physio tends to be able to sort it fairly well, whereas the knee would be a new problem. Definitely what I don’t need 3 weeks before Bristol Half Marathon and 5 weeks before Liverpool Marathon!

Had a trial run this evening to test it out. A 4 mile route which runs through a housing estate with a loop at the top like a balloon on a wobbly string. My knee was fine. It had a couple of very faint twinges, but these were probably normal but heightened with oh-my-God-I’m-injured paranoia. My back was aching when I got back though and I had to stretch my calves out halfway which was unusual. It felt like a lactic acid build up (or what I assume is lactic acid) but stretching seemed to shift it.

I had my cold bath and am currently typing this in my very fetching neon pink compression socks and a thick, tight tubular bandage over my knee. Just in case.

No I’m going to post a picture. Trust me. Not my best look.

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