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Friday 7 September 2012

My Trainers - Demoted to Mud Running

I bought my first pair of running trainers from a discount sports shop just under 2 years ago. Luckily, the chap advising me showed me some pink Asics 2160s and blue 2140s (rather than Converse or daps) and these were the ones I bought.  There were a blue pair and a pink pair. The blue pair were my outside running trainers and my pink ones were my gym trainers.

After an episode at the gym where I left a little pile of mud behind the treadmill thanks to a rather muddy and visited-by-cows cross country run the day before I had decided this was a neccessity. The pink ones were so pretty they had to be my indoor shoes. I’m not a girly girl, but these were pretty shoes.

The pink ones are long gone, having racked up their 500 miles or so and have gone to the great Shoe Rack in the sky. (Think Monty Python hands opening a gap in the clouds and a choir singing) However, the blue ones are still with me. They have been demoted to my mud running shoes after lots of miles and mud had dimmed their blue and white and silver colours to blues and muddy greys.

They have done Wolf Run and got me through the end to 4th female position. And they’ve gone through the washing machine. They’ve done Sole Destroyer and made it through ALL of those bloody rivers and hill repeats and got me to 4th female position. And they’ve gone through the washing machine again. They have managed Tough Mudder and got through all that barbed wire and river swimming and fire walking and got me to 3rd female position and a place in the World’s Toughest Mudder. And back through the washing machine.

Ironically, because of all the soapy Fairy goodnes and 1000rpm spin cycle, they’re actually looking pretty good. They’re certainly whiter than all of the other trainers I’m currently running in and there aren’t any visible rips or damage to the uppers. I’m sure any running store clerk or Asics representative would look at them and shudder ... especially after 3 trips throughthe washing machine, but to me these are the hardcore, butt kicking, over muscled Schwarzeneggers of the trainer world. I like pretty trainers, but these bad boys have EARNED their place on my shoe rack.

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