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Tuesday 11 September 2012

Don't Overdo It!

I loved the coastal path route and I don’t think I’ve had such a satisfying and enjoyable run for ages. And that’s saying something as I LOVE my runs. However, my joints weren’t too impressed ...

The day after the coastal path run, I was limping as the pain from my knee was quite intense. Irritatingly, it still felt better when I ran but I was pretty sure that running everywhere wouldn’t do it a lot of good ...

I rarely get aches or pains after running as I do my stretches religiously after each run and have a cool bath and stick on the compression gear after long runs or particularly tough runs. Annoyingly, I hadn’t been able to have a cool bath because – due to being on holiday! – the caravan had a teeny shower but no bath and I’d completely forgotten about my compression gear before going to bed. Lesson #1. Don’t drink so much Cornish cider.

I’d bought a tight tubular bandage and put my compression gear on the day AFTER the run but it was wishful thinking. So no running for a few days then. Grrr.

I’d been using the Samsung Hope Relay application to track my runs and raise pounds for children’s charities. Samsung gave £1 for every mile I ran so it was for a good cause and I was top of the list for my team (the Fetchies!). I now had to sit and watch as my nearest rival inched his way up the board to catch me up and I had to sit still with a bandage on my knee raising no money at all … Cue sulky face.

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