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Monday 3 September 2012

Running with a Rucksack

Decided to have a go at using my slimline rucksack for running. I’d found it pretty good when I used it walking (although the pockets on it are TEENY) so I thought I’d give it a go for running. I’m useless at drinking water on the go (always end up wet, choking and bedraggled) and hate carrying it in my hand (feel all lopsided) so thought it had to be worth a shot.

Got all togged up and to be honest the rucksack sat fairly comfortably. I had worried it might move around too much or be too heavy filled with water but it felt OK. It has 2 clip-in straps and I had to move the top one right up so it sat above my boobs rather than underneath which rucked the shoulder straps a bit but it felt secure and hardly moved at all when I ran.

The sloshing noise from the water bladder was a bit offputting. I felt I sounded like I was jumping in jelly but it was comfortable to wear and was easy to drink from. I’d worried about it chafing my shoulders – especially when the water bladder was full and heavy but I didn’t have any problems at all.

The pockets felt teeny – I had struggled to fit in loo roll, a tenner and my driving license in the side pocket, and my iphone (in a very bulky case) on top of the water bladder … or so I had thought but when I took a wrong turning past Trerice Manor I had found a really old green glass bottle sticking out a bank that I put in the main pocket of the rucksack. It fit in there without too much trouble so the pockets can’t be that tiny.

So … if you’re looking for a running rucksack that’s cheap, doesn’t get in the way of your boobs, is fairly comfortable and that you can fit miscellaneous crap in, I’d recommend the Eurohike Aqua4. It must be a couple of years old but I’m positive I didn’t spend more than £15 on it and it’s turned out to be a pretty good buy!

(As a note, I later googled the bottle - it's over 100 years old!)

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