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Friday 20 December 2013

Have Turned into Mad Hoarding Running Lady

A few weeks ago, I was bemoaning my lack of organisation and how upon arriving at the gym, I realised I’d forgotten to put my kit into my bag.  Mary of A Healthier Moo asked me how I didn’t realise I was carrying an empty gym bag. A very good question. 

So last night I decided to empty out my gym bag. I knew I’d been carrying around a fair amount of non-essential items but hadn’t realised I would be able to build an awesome fort and possibly survive for quite a while living only on items in bag. Plus have clean underwear. And cups of tea. 

In my gym bag:

  • 1 kids activity set with crayons and stickers (for after those tough spin sessions. It helps as I rock alone in my corner)
  • 4 jigsaw pieces (Anyone have another 12 pieces they can donate? Can make Franken-Saw)
  • 1 Busy Bears Party book (for light toilet entertainment)
  • 6 individually wrapped tea bags (for tea emergencies for instance if snowed into gym)
  • 1 coffee sachet (see above)
  • 2 zero electrolyte sachets (for those super-long treadmill runs)
  • 1 shower gel (for fragrant showers)
  • 1 pack of plasters containing 17 plasters (important to keep plasters in prime numbers)
  • 4 tampons (for impersonating a walrus)
  • 1 train ticket receipt (nice to know where my money goes. Trains apparently)
  • 1 pack of tissues 
  • Box of ibuprofen – empty 
  • Lipgloss (for glossing)
  • 1 pen 
  • Mascara wand (Mascara Kadavra!)
  • 4 hair bands (for multiple ponytails)
  • 2 rubber bands (in case of a rubber band war)
  • 1 giant pink paper clip (no idea)
  • 7 crayons (for colouring)
  • 12 safety pins (In case I need to wear 3 race numbers at once)
  • 1 locker token
  • Comb
  • £2.50 in change
  • Running belt
  • Heart monitor strap
  • Pack of baby wipes (in case of a post-gym shower malfunction)
  • Mini gym towel (NO idea what these are for)
  • 3 cans of deodorant (Because it’s good to have differently fragranced armpits)
  • Tissue in a plastic bag (the chavvy relative of the tissues in a pack above)
  • Personal alarm (In case I feel a PB coming on)
  • 6 hair clips 
  • 1 hotel room card 
  • 2 bars of individually wrapped soap
  • 4 pairs of pants (3 adult & 1 Hello Kitty pair age 3-4)
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 1 mini first aid kit (in case any mini emergencies occur)
  • 1 alcohol hand gel (in case the vodka runs out)
  • Pair of gel insoles 
  • 1 spare head torch 
  • 5 plastic bags (in case I REALLY need to go shopping)

No wonder I didn’t realise my gym kit wasn’t inside! Have discovered am mad hoarder and when old will be mad cat lady in house stuffed to rafters with rubbish! 

Have started to remedy this by throwing out all rubbish. And cats. 


  1. Replies
    1. I know! Just stop me if I start talking about getting another cat! :)

  2. Carried out a similar exercise with my 'bum bag' recently.....a small spanner - really?

    1. A SPANNER? Ha ha! In case you see someone broken down and can bring out the magic spanner? Brilliant!