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Sunday 8 December 2013

Fear of Malcs in a Dress: Asics 26.2

Vote Malcolm Barbour! 

I am so excited!! One of my running friends has been selected by Runners World and Asics to be trained for the Paris Marathon!

Only there’s a catch ... he has to beat off some competition first ... 

Now the lovely Malcs, in an effort to win your vote has been entirely selfless. He is entered into the Thunder Run 24 #allin24 next year and has offered to help us all speed up our laps by doing his laps in a dress.

Now how is Malcs in a dress going to help us? I hear you ask.

Well there is no way I want to see Malc’s sweaty arse running along in front of me in a dress. I am going to MAKE SURE that I am in front of him at all times. 

Ta-da! Instant lap time improvement. Speed through fear-of-arse. 

Will YOU vote for Malcs-In-A-Dress? You don’t have to sign up, just click a button here.


  1. Sarah, thanks so much for this...I think ;-)

    It seems to be working - I never realised there were so many people in fear of my behind!

    1. You're welcome! You'll be a brilliant person to follow on the forums (NOT Thunder Run …!) and I hope you do really well!