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Wednesday 26 December 2012

Week 2, Day 1: Santa Runs 5 miles brisk in 40 mins

Training Session Week 2, Day 1: 

Goal: 5M brisk in 40 mins

Actual: 5 miles in 35:58 ... In Santa Outfit ... with a headtorch ... 3 hours after Christmas Dinner.


I'd like to point out that Asics didn't give me this Santa outfit although I got a tweet yesterday to say they approved which was great! I seem to have found a company who do great running gear AND have a sense of humour!

The Santa outfit was funny to wear although I seemed to be breathign fluff in for most fo the run due to the beard and it was made for someone about 6 inches taller than me. Note the extremely stylish turnups on the trousers!

I thought I'd prepare for every eventuality and even had an excuse ready in case I passed a small child (Rudolph had escaped and I had to catch him) but luckily there weren't any witnesses to my outfit!

Garmin Info Here

(Lap 1 is the the 5m run, lap 2 is what happens when I forget to press the stop button properly)

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