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Thursday 13 December 2012

I Owe A Debt ...

Over the last week. I have been annoying, irritating and quite often my behaviour has warranted a kick in the arse.

I have filled up timelines with pictures – of myself, no less – and links to websites and retweets and have just generally been *that* annoying person. I’ve been manic and bouncing around when things have gone well ... and not so much fun when they haven’t.

Parkrun in my 'Vote Sarah F' T-shirt! (Looking slightly jaded from birthday drinkies the night before)
But ... you’re still here! You may have huffed at my inept campaigning techniques, sighed when I posted yet ANOTHER picture of myself in a hand drawn T-shirt. Looked on in disgust when you reached your car in the evening and SOMEONE has written ‘Vote Sarah #target262’ in the dirt on the bumper. However, you’re still here.

Too far?

And not only are you here, you’ve been so patient with me and so kind and supportive, you’ve also retweeted my tweets, kept me motivated and even posted on your blogs! (Yes I’m looking at you Jen and Sarah!!)

Who's THAT dodgy looking runner?

There have been pictures in the newspapers, I’ve been posing with racing cars at Silverstone, Parkrunning and campaigning at Coventry. I’m on the front page of Rugby & Northampton AC. I’ve even made it onto the Facebook page of Northbrook AC and have been voted for by members of Yeovil RRC. The lovely people at Fetch have been amazing. Facebook posts have been shared, blogs posted, tweets tweeted and text messages, emails and direct messages have all sent and supportive ones – from you – have been received in return.

Posing in my 'Vote Sarah F' t-shirt

I feel totally loved and it’s all thanks to you.

However, it *has* put me in an awkward situation. How on earth do I ever repay this debt?

I don’t have enough money to keep you all in beer for life (much as I’d like to). I can’t send you cupcakes as I don’t feel that my ability to spread food-poisoning far and wide to be a particularly appreciated skill. I can’t even throw a massive party with an all inclusive bar as I’m well aware that everyone is spread far and wide ... and I’ll never fit you all into my tiny house. Besides, I’ve already warned you about my catering skills ...

However, if you ever need a favour? I’ll be here. A shoulder to lean on, tweets to be retweeted, a buddy running alongside you wearing a silly hat? I’ll be waiting for your call.


  1. It's a privilage to support someone with such drive and dynamism Sarah, so very proud of you :)

  2. Awww Paul... What a lovely comment!! Thank you so much!