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Thursday 2 August 2012

Zombies and Mud

Had a 5 mile run yesterday using the Zombies Run app on my iphone. Was an awesome run – one of my favourite routes. It goes out of the Industrial estate and out towards the golf course and then it’s all trails. The next mile is mainly uphill but it’s jumping over branches and avoiding muddy patches and nettles and going in and out of dappled sunlight patches. All the fun things that should be included on a run!

The only problem was that my first zombie chase on the app started when I was under trees so although the Garmin picked up my speed the app didn’t and I was doing 5:30 minute miles and they were still getting closer! I was panting like a dirty caller and still couln’t out run the zombies although when I checked when I finished the run apparently they didn’t get me after all. I DO understand that these are VIRTUAL zombies. Honest.

A run past the Abbey and round the lake and an unintentional paddle in the muddy puddles and it was back to work.

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