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Wednesday 8 August 2012

Stupid zombies. Stupid bogs. Grr. Arg.

Running with zombies again today but had a few problems. First of all the app seems to have developed a bit of a bug. The music no longer dips in volume when the ‚transmissions‘ come in so you can’t hear them properly. Also every time there was a ‚transmission‘, it restarted the playlist so I had Jeff Bukley’s Hallelujah and Lola by the Kinks so I was alternately depressed and romanced 4 times.

To top it all off, the path I’d chosen today was ankle deep in mud in places and the rest of the path was slippery so not the best option for intervals. Although it was probably entertaining to watch as I had several leg-spinning Roadrunner type moments. Still ... not good for avoiding zombies. As  a result I got caught by the zombies TWICE breaking my clean and shiny record of not being eaten. Never mind ... I would have tasted of thick black marsh mud anyway.

Where I got caught by the zombies

My poor shoes!

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