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Wednesday 29 August 2012

An Unscheduled Break

I tend to run in every lunch break as 1) it’s easier to fit it in at lunchtime with my crazy evening schedule  2) it stops me eating sweets and going to the pub for lunch 3) it means the run is done for the day and I can be smug for the rest of the afternoon.

I went to get changed in the work changing room for my lunchtime run. I got in there and picked up my kit ... and then put it down again.

I didn't feel Like a run today. I mean I REALLY didn’t feel like a run and that's not like me. Sometimes I have to remind myself how nice it will feel when I’m outside and running but I rarely struggle to get out there.

But I turned around and went to the pub for a coke and some peanuts instead and had a rest day.

Sometimes you've just got to listen to your body and I was being told firmly that running was NOT a good idea. I didn’t have any particular niggles but I Love running and I don't want it to turn into a chore or something that I have to force myself to do.

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