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Wednesday 8 August 2012

Mud Doesn't Count!

Nice gentle run yesterday – with about 30% - 50% trail running. I would have been quite happy to keep running through the fields and trails but without the incentive of the promised pub stop halfway through the route, I didn’t think the running buddies would have been terribly impressed!

The paths were a bit muddy but mainly dry and no-one lost a trainer to the mud tonight which is one better than we did last time. The slugs and snails were also hiding so I didn’t have to hop about avoiding them or else feel like an invertebrate mass murderer with alternate footfaulls going „squish“ and „crunch“.

One of the girls headed off before the halfway point as she had a bit of tightness behind her knee and wanted to rest it before the parktun on Saturday so WolfRunner and me headed up the hills to get to the pub at the top. It was nice to sit down but refiills of fizzy drinks probably weren’t the best option to run after and I was alternately burping and trying not to fart all the way back down the hills. I would say I was trying to remain ladylike but quite frankly I was dressed in lycra and slightly concerned that my capri trousers would blow up like a balloon and take off.

Made it home just before the rain and with dry trainers for the first time in a while. Meh ... mud doesn’t count.

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