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Wednesday 11 September 2013

Smoke Alarms & Procrastination

Well that run was a complete cock up. I procrastinated all evening and was sitting around eating chocolate when I realised I needed to get out of the house.

It was 9pm already and if I didn’t crack on I’d be running at midnight. And have a tummy ache from all the chocolate I’d eaten in 3 hours while procrastinating.

Got into running gear – still grumpy. Put headtorch on – in the sulkiest way I could manage and tied shoelaces. Tight.

Got out of the house and started running and thought, “Actually this is pretty good. I like running.” I had 3 minutes of fast jog, 3 mins of marathon pace and 3 mins of 10k pace scheduled over a 9 mile route. Fine. Nice and simple. Nothing too complex for my tiny minded, chocolate-eating self of 9pm to comprehend.

Then the phone rang.

“Are you in the house?”

“Nope. I’m running. Why?”

“All the smoke alarms are going off.”

“Shit. I’m coming back now.”

Got back to the house, the Mr had been upstairs and had assumed I’d been cooking (at 9pm? Really? I only ‘cook’ takeaways at 9pm) hence the smoke alarms and prompting the phone call. Apparently it had stopped after one beep anyway.

So my run was cocked up due a low battery in the smoke alarm. Sigh. I went around and tested them all again. No low batteries, no further beeps. No run.


  1. I know I'm going to be having some of those procrastinating evenings soon...the ones where it's cold out, and you just have to watch the end of Eastenders first, and then put the washing on, and oh, when was the last time you called Mum, and ANYTHING other than get straight out the door!
    I'm like you though, as soon as I'm out I'm loving it and wishing I'd gotten out sooner!

    1. Yes definitely! That's exactly it ... what can I do to stop having to go out! I used to be exactly the same when I had to write essays ... ended up with an immmaculate house but no words down!