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Thursday 26 September 2013

High-Heeled Trainers, anyone?

After the abuse heaped on my legs from the long runs and the boxing circuit class, one of them has gone on strike. My left calf has rebelled and has tightened to a ridiculous degree meaning that I can’t place my left heel on the floor while standing. My leg is just too tight.

My brilliant solution to this was to wear high heeled shoes all weekend. Possibly not the most sensible answer, but when the left calf didn’t ease even after DOMS (or RAMBOBB) had withdrawn from my right leg I decided action – sensible action – needed to be taken. And I don’t mean treating myself to a HIGHER pair of heels.

I booked in a sports massage with a lovely lady who managed to squeeze me a place in her busy schedule at the last minute. She compensated herself for my lack of booking foresight by finding all the sore parts in my left calf by poking her finger in them very hard.

However, the ‘poking method’ worked and my leg - whilst still not feeling 100% is now feeling a huge amount better. And I’ve got lovely smooth skin from all the gel rubbed into it. I now have one normal leg and one silky smooth leg. It’s a bit Frankenstein’s monster to tell you the truth. One goat leg, one supermodel leg.

It looks as though New Forest marathon is off the cards this weekend. Luckily this was going to be my ‘run for fun’ marathon and Bournemouth which was to be my main marathon is still 3 weeks away but barring the invention of a pair of high heeled running shoes I’m just going to have to see how it goes. 


  1. Fingers crossed you will be OK Sarah, go steady for now :)

    1. Thanks Paul. I'm considering doing a 90s revival and wearing platform trainers from now on ... Spice Girls style ...! :)