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Thursday 11 October 2012

Today I am a marathon virgin

Today I am a marathon virgin. When I next come into work on Tuesday, I will have run 26.2 miles non-stop.

I can’t quite believe it to be true. It sounds like SUCH a big thing to me. A marathon? Whoever would have thought that one day I’d do a marathon?

I used to walk between the shops in town with my large thighs swishing and checking I had enough cigarettes left in my packet. Running? I’d scoff at the idea. Runners were thin, intense people with spaced-out eyes and talk of “tapers”, “negative splits” and “plantar fasciitus”. I knew what these were of course. Tapers are for lighting candles, negative splits are when you fart in gymnastics when trying a difficult move and the third is some sort of STD.

I’m grateful every day that I can run. And that I discovered it now.

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