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Wednesday 3 October 2012

Rejected by Elvis

Logged onto the Runners World website to find everyone had received their London Marathon packs today so dashed home in anticipation. I was well aware that the odds were not in my favour – this was the third year I’d applied. Was it to be 3 times lucky? Was 2013 ‘my’ year?

I could see a package had arrived through the frosted glass of the front door, but not the size of it. Did it include an item of ‘You’re Rejected’ clothing? Or was I to be one of the chosen few, to be despised on the running forums for my luck and subjected to “Why her, not me?” whispers at the running club?

Holding my breath, I opened the door to the porch. I could tell straight away it was a bulky pack. No suspense there. I had been Elvis-ed. 

We seem to have started a VLM rejection club on Twitter. We’re having support meetings and everything. Even have a uniform. White jackets with the VLM logo.  

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