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Friday 12 October 2012

Please Don't Let Me Forget Something Crucial ...

I have packed … unpacked … repacked and almost cracked. There are bags and suitcases strewn throughout the house and odd pieces of running gear over chairs, on the bed and on the surfaces. A box of gels in the kitchen, a gym bag – almost bursting – in the hall, a garmin charger next to the fireplace.

My marathon running gear ... first thing packed.

I am packing for my first marathon and I am PETRIFIED that I am going to forget something crucial.

My gym bag with my race kit – and back up kit! – is packed in the hall with my trainers in the front pocket. And my back up trainers in the main pocket – just in case. I know that everything is in there. But I’m worried that my brain which doesn’t seem to be functioning properly has forgotten socks … or my sports bra … or a trainer. Something important.

The sticking up bags are full of carefully measure porridge pre-mixed with sugar. Yes. I AM that sad.
 I’ve made a neat little pile in the front hall now. All I have to do tomorrow morning is to put everything in the car and pick up my toothbrush bag. I don’t dare put it all in the car tonight. What if a mad-eyed drug addict who enjoys a bit of Lycra spots the car and thinks “A-ha! This is my chance to break this drug addiction and go into competitive sports! Look there’s even a race number in here” and steals the lot. What will I do then? 

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