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Wednesday 24 October 2012

Autumn Running ... weather for?

I’m struggling to get back into running regularly. I’m looking out of the window and it looks gorgeous outside – the trees are turning orange and there are leaves blowing across the paths, but it’s the kind of weather I want a scarf and a coat for. There isn’t so much temptation to dress in lycra and go for a run in it.

Reasons I don’t want to run:
1./ It’s weather for hot chocolate with cream on top and possibly marshmallows and drinking hot chunky soup and sitting by fires not weather for drinking water or energy drinks and slurping gels.
2./ I get cold when I go outside without a coat, let alone going outside in skin tight clothes designed to stop you staying hot.
3./ I’m being lazy and using my marathon as an excuse to rest for longer than I need to.
4./ My knee hurts... but I’m not doing my stretching exercises as much as I should be.

Reasons I should run:
1./ I ALWAYS enjoy it once I’m out there running.
2./ It looks amazing with all the trees changing colours and I’d like to run through the crunchy leaves and.
3./ I’ll be able to eat more when I’ve had a run - mmmm chunky soup.
4./ I feel MUCH better when I’ve had a run.
5./ Running will make my knee feel better in the long run as it will encourage me to do my stretching  exercises.
6./ I love being a runner. At the moment I’m being more of a 'sitter'.

Conclusion... My 'reasons' I don't want to run are actually all excuses designed to help me stay sitting on my arse. Which will be getting bigger unless I go outside and have a run.

(Goes and puts trainers on)

... One step at a time ...


  1. Imagine how much better the hot chocolate and sitting by the fire scenario will be after a run in the cold :)

    1. That sounds AMAZING actually. OK ... will bite the bullet and do it.

  2. You can do it. Go on, get out there.. and then have soup WITH dessert!!! ;)

    1. Soup AND dessert? That sounds like a win to me!! :)