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Tuesday 23 December 2014

Nuun Hydration Tablet Review: Take That Hangovers! ... A Well Kept Secret

I made an amazing discovery the other day. 

I'd had a girls weekend in Manchester and as an afterthought had taken the nuun hydration tablets with me. There was cocktails, dancing … and a hydration tablet in a glass of water before bed and another one in the morning.

It was one of my best decisions that weekend. Certainly better than the '3rd-jug-of-cocktails-and-one-straw' idea at 1am.

Running hydration tablets stop hangovers. Why is this such a secret? I don't go out drinking often but this could have made several Sunday mornings this year a lot more pleasant.

It certainly made Christmas shopping a bit easier, although dancing in heels for 6 hours didn’t really do my feet much good. Maybe I should bring my trainers to the next girlie weekend ...

Taste Test … Using the 5 year old ...
I was sent the tablets by nuun to try out but I gave my usual proviso that I would try them out and say exactly what I thought. Along those lines I thought it might be interesting to try a taste test using my 5 year old.

I had the tri berry, the strawberry lemonade and the fruit punch to try out. The flavours sounded delicious and all tasted fairly similar to me, light and fruity and something I'd be happy to drink on a long run. I prefer flavoured water to plain water and having something tasty encourages me to drink.

Lily's the 5 year old's verdict:
Pink Lemonade: "Mmmmm. It tastes like healthy food. Like oranges."
Fruit Punch: "It tastes like tablets, fruit tablets. Yummy. Tastes like another orange. This one tastes the best."
Tri-Berry: "It tastes like fizzy. Tastes like carrots. Some carrots are fruit. Some carrots are vegetables."

So in conclusion, they all tasted good to Lily and as you can probably tell, she doesn't have many filters, she says exactly what she thinks!

Reasons to use nuun hydration tablets
  • nuun is just balanced electrolytes which you can lose through dehydration, water alone isn't enough.It is not a source of sugar or carbs. This means you can manage your energy needs alongside the rehydration, you don't need to take into account any extra sugar and calories from the tablets … as there are none. After all on a hot day you need to replace more fluids and electrolytes than on a cold day but you don't need all the extra sugar and carbs.

Other benefits
  • They come in a small pot which is handy if you want to take them along on a long run. I used the Fruit Punch nuun in my hydration pack on my birthday run (44 miles) and because of the small pack size I could pop the whole tube in my vest for water refills.
  • Despite drinking approximately 3 litres of water flavoured with nuun I didn't get sick of the taste and I didn't find them sickly after a few miles.
  • Because they have no sugar and are designed to be non-sticky, I felt comfortable using these in my hydration pack which can be quite awkward to clean.
  • There are 12 different flavours, most of which are fruit and all sound tempting.

Why nuun?
They invented the hydration tab over 10 years ago and the nuun tablets are used by more athletes than all the other brands combined. The company was also founded by competitive cyclists, skiers, rock climbers, runners and triathletes so they knew what they wanted from a hydration tablet.

Flavours Available:
Lemon lime, strawberry lemonade, tri berry, fruit punch, citrus fruit, grape, kona cola, lemon tea, tropical, cherry limeade, lemonade, orange.

Thanks nuun for sending them to me! I may not be doing much long distance running at the moment ... but they're certainly helping keep the hangovers at bay!!

nuun hydration tablets available from their website here


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