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Tuesday 21 January 2014

Running Mile Repeats Without Knowing It ...

I have to apologise for my lack of posts recently. I was blaming my tiredness on my over-enthusiastic acceptances of resolutions for January.

I was obviously feeling suggestible on New Years Day as signed up for the 30 day Plank Challenge, Dryathlon, Sid’s Poppyfields Appeal, Jantastic, Janathon and no processed food for January. If you were going to ask me to lend you a tenner, you can forget it. I think I’ve used up ALL of my suggestibility for the year.

However, upon perusing one of the blogs I follow, I’ve realised that my lethargy isn’t down to lack of Quality Street chocolates or mulled wine withdrawal. It’s all the fault of that pesky Abradypus who has had me running mile repeats with her ... and I didn't even know it. The cheek!

Picture from Abradypus here
Crafty … very crafty. Now who can I get to run my marathon for me?