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Friday 10 January 2014

2013: 1234 miles, Running with 75,000 people and wearing ALL my Race Tees

2013 … How on earth do I sum up an entire year in running?

Numbers of trainers owned this year: 
8 pairs (Salomon Speedcross3 – 2 pairs, Asics gel Hyperspeed, Asics GT2000 – 4 pairs, New Balance spikes, Hoka Mafete Low)
That's a lot of shoe rubber left on the trails, roads and pavements this year!

Countries run in in 2013:
England, Holland (for a tram counts, right?), Cyprus, Ireland, France.

Number of races run: 10
That’s approximately £330 in race entry fees. Eek!

Number of runners run with in all my races:
Approximately 75,900. That's a lot of miles covered between us!

Number of DNFs: None.
BUT 2 x Did Not Starts ... New Forest Marathon, Great South Run. (Due to calf injury and illness) Booooo!!

Miles run according to fetcheveryone: 1234 (although it’s not quite right as it’s got me down as only running 33 miles in October. I ran 2 races in October and one was a marathon ...!)

But that's not enough to sum up 2013 ….

I know ....THIS will sum it up. Here - check out ALL of my awesome 2013 medals.

But wait ... that’s not enough ...

Here are all my RACE T-SHIRTS for 2013. At once. Phew! A bit warm!

And just to finish it off. ALL my 2013 medals AND all my 2013 race t-shirts.

Highlights of 2013:
  • Running Paris Marathon as part of #target262. 20 minute PB, a negative split and 10 minutes under target. That’ll do Pig, that’ll do. 
  • Running Endure 24. A 24hr race. I divided my time between sunbathing, running and camping in the portaloo.
  • Trying to run a sub-20 5k time without having a poo.
  • Thunder Run 24. Blistering sunhine, torrential rain and really sticky mud. 54 miles. 
  • Dressed as a police officer running up hills, at night, away from MASSIVE cows.
  • Running the Essex Way at night with a mulled wine stop. 
  • Chasing mulled wine through the lanes of Warwickshire dressed as Santa Claus


  1. What a great year for you! :-) Loving alll the medals and all the t-shirts :-)
    You'll have to come back for some more Essex Way-ing... its pretty beautiful in summer :-)

    1. Thank you!! Loved 2013!! Ooh yes please! Definitely up for more running on the Essex Way! And more wine!!

  2. Amazing! Great year in running for you :)

    1. It's been crazy and brilliant and SO much fun!! :)

  3. Great blogging. I supported at tr24 and morphed Bournemouth. Great blog!

    1. Thanks Sid!! I saw you and Michy at Bournemouth on a double back and waved at you both!! TR24 was AMAZING, wasn't it?

  4. Replies
    1. It's been SO MUCH FUN!!! (Does happy dance)

  5. What an incredible year you've had! I can't wait to see how you do in 2014 :)

    1. Hee hee!! 2013 is looking to be (Drum Roll …) Year of the Ultra!! Hoping my legs survive!! (I'm not worried about my mind … think that went a while ago!) ;)

  6. Ooooooo, so many medals...and t-shirts...I run for the medals and t-shirts (and cake) after a race!

    1. Definitely!! A girl has to have incentive!! I was most unimpressed when there were no sweeties or cakes left after that cross country race … in fact I haven't done a cross country since!! The perfect race would have a goodie bag with medal, t-shirt AND cake. Oh and maybe beer vouchers.

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you!! What a lovely thing to say! :)