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Wednesday 23 October 2013

Things I learned from Bournemouth Marathon

It’s REALLY stupid to run in worn out shoes.

It’s REALLY stupid to go too fast in the early miles.

IT’s REALLY stupid to assume that the sharp steep points on the course gradient map are ‘blips’.

I am stupid.

Getting into the sea in your running clothes feels a bit strange but it numbs marathon-weary feet. Bliss.

If you take off your trainers to get into the sea in your running clothes, you may not be able to get these back on over your lumpy, blistered, sore feet.

Having an ice cream as the first food you eat when you’ve finished a marathon means you’ve spoiled ice cream for yourself. Never again will it taste as good as this.

Toenails are for wimps.

 And finally:

It doesn’t matter how much it hurt, you will be looking at other marathons to enter within a week. Pain fades, but you’ve still got the medal. And the monster inside you screaming for a new PB.


  1. Haha! So true about being in agony after the race but having another race booked up straight away. Marathons are clearly the same as childbirth and tattoos!

    1. Ha ha!! Well I'd agree ... but am a Mum of 1 and have 1 (small) tattoo. I'm clearly a wimp ;)

  2. Eating steak immediately after a race also spoils steak- I had what will always be my perfect steak after the Royal Parks half a few weeks ago and never again will steak taste that good. I'd already eaten a nutella&banana crepe by that point aswell- NOM

    1. Oh yum!! Am now hungry for steak ... and a nutella and banana crepe! Delicious!!

  3. I laughed at having ice cream. Hobbling back to the hotel in Florence after finishing marathon, everything aches, mouth tastes yucky, we past ice cream stall, WOW was it good!!. I kept telling the family in a manic way this was the best thing ever

    1. Ha ha! I totally KNOW that feeling! I was having a perfectly ordinary ice cream split but was telling them it was the BEST ICE CREAM ever!! :)