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Friday 4 October 2013

10 Questions ...

I am addicted to surveys and questionnaires and I have found a fab idea on Mary's blog A Healthier Moo. Basically you answer 10 questions and link back to the original blog so they can read YOURS. Love it! 

I'd love to see what makes you all tick so please answer these questions and pop me a link in the comments so I can see what you're all about!!

What is your absolute favourite meal?

I want to say something AWESOME like curried unicorns and sautéed koala bears but it’s actually really boring: Smoked Vietnamese River Cobbler with broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and mushrooms. (Actually that sounds quite exotic. It’s not. I get it in Tesco). 

Hang on .... are we allowed to count sweets? In which case my favourite meal is a bucket of Cadbury crème eggs.

Where is your favourite place to run/work out?

I love the routes around where I work. I work in a middle of a huge industrial estate in Northampton and you’d think it was just roads and pavements and litter, but once you’ve discovered the footpaths that lead you out, there are the most amazing cross country routes across the fields and woods. Gorgeous! Plus lots of free mud, bonus stinging nettles and massive hills. PROPER English cross country! 

If you could work in any job, what would it be?

Running Writer. Running and Writing about it AND getting paid to do it. 

What’s been the most satisfying moment in your life so far?

Really? How am I meant to answer this? Picking my daughter up after her first day of school? The first crème egg of the year? Crossing the finish line of Paris marathon and knowing that after all the work, the training and the blogging, I’d done it. How can I choose? 

What is your ultimate fitness goal?

To get my body to the state where I can survive only on crème eggs but still run an ultra marathon when I feel like it. With no training obviously. Also I quite fancy the Great Wall of China marathon. And I’d quite like to do 100 mile race. 

If you had an extra two hours a day, every day, what would you fill that time with?

I’d quite like to try triathlon but I’m not sure at the moment where I’d fit the time in to get on the bike and go for a swim. I’d use the time to develop a bike that I power by running that can be used underwater. And do my triathlon training that way. 

What is the nicest thing you have ever done for anybody?

Hopefully I do lots of nice things but not sure how to answer this. Instead I’ll say some things people have done for me this week. A friend buying me a giant (and unexpected!) bag of compost so I can my pots with pretty flowers around my house. Being treated to a lovely meal out at a quaint pub. A friend – with no interest in running – asking me how my run went yesterday. My 4yo trying her courgette slice when I asked her to despite her thinking it looks like a giant bogey. 

Everybody has a little OCD about something (I always cross my fingers when I walk under a street sign!) – What’s your ‘thing’?

Um a bit of a list ... saluting magpies and counting them, not walking over 3 drains, my race things have to be exactly just-so, not putting white and red flowers alone in the same vase, having to wear my running wristbands for races ...  

If you could repeat any part of your life again, which part would you choose?

The last 33 years ...

What do you wish you could go back and tell your 15 year old self?

Things work out. Teenage angst goes away. Throw out those revolting purple levis. And yes you will STILL be friends with Abi in 18 years time. 



  2. PS great idea :) and loving your answers lol

  3. Firstly I would like to say that you are DEFINITELY allowed to count sweets! Although the idea of curried unicorns sounds fab. Where would I get some?!
    I love that you sandwiched 'the first creme egg of the year' between 'picking your daughter up from her first day at school' and 'completing Paris marathon'! Haha!

    1. I think curried unicorn should be available in all major supermarkets ... might even overshadow the whole horsemeat thing ;) I am PROPERLY addicted to creme eggs!!