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Wednesday 14 August 2013

Well you won't get much work done on THAT!

My day started with me leaving my laptop in the car and bringing my GYM kit to the office. Sigh. At least I had my running uppermost in my mind, if not my priorities entirely straight.

I beat off the ‘Let’s Be Lazy’ demons that threatened to hinder my going to the gym, reasoning that I had my gym kit already with me stashed under the desk in the place my laptop bag usually sits.

Workout was 5 x 4 mins at 10k pace with 1 min recovery, then 5 x 2 mins at 5k pace with 1 min recovery. In theory this should have taken me 40 minutes but due to time being eaten up by the Tuesday fairy, I finished the harder section of the 5 x 10k reps, then only had time for 1 x 5k rep. Sigh. But half a workout is better than none at all.

Let me get this straight. I’m pretty sure that all of the towels in my house are pretty decent. I don’t do holes, traily bits, thereadbare bits or any truly revolting patterns. If they even look as though they’re heading towards any of the above they get binned. Nevertheless, the towel I fished out of my workout bag today was a Wotsit orange colour, with inconveniently placed holes and to top it all off was trailing bits of string.

I may have been turning heads today on the way to the showers, but it wasn’t in a good way. Never mind. With my half a workout and half a towel, I managed to complete one thing. I managed to look a complete twerp.


  1. Nice job! Today I started bright and early by cutting my knee open on my bedside drawer corner, forgetting my nicely packed gym kit, emptying my walking coffee all over myself and all of my programming work crashing as soon as I hit the office. Good day all round!

    1. Argh! That sounds horrendous!! And there was me moaning about my Wotsit towel! I hope you had another cup of coffee as soon as you got to the office - don't know what I'd do without my morning caffeine hit!

      Although, maybe you've used up all your bad luck for the week and the rest of this week is going to be AWESOME!! Hope so!!