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Friday 23 August 2013

Marathon Training has STARTED!!!

Ok it’s official ... marathon training has started!

I am well aware that this should have started before now and that I have been most definitely slacking on the training side of things. 

But what with the Thunder Run and having a girls weekend away in Manchester (there were SEVENTEEN of us!) I had to delay the running for a few days as my quads were aching so badly from dancing in high heels. I didn’t think there was much in the world that could make my legs ache any more. Mountains? Meh. 54 mile run? Meh? Dancing for 5 hours in crazy high heels? Leg carnage.

So ... workout for today was 6 x 800m starting every 5 mins at 6:40 min miles (14.4kmh on the treadmill). It should have been 8 x 800m but had a few issues with time what with having to rush to gym, get changed, then re-changed  with clothes on right way round (more difficult than it sounds), find a free treadmill, try to stop my sausage fingers from pushing the wrong buttons (I get zombie hands when I run and end up flailing at the treadmill) and by the time I’d had to reset the treadmill for the 3rd time after accidentally pushing the cooldown button (which slows the speed every minute – REALLY irritating) then 6 reps was all I had time for.

Also halfway through my hairband fell off and hit the wall, followed a small time later by my iPhone. I ignored these. Just part of the treadmill experience. But WHY is there always a wall behind me for them to hit. It’s as though gym designers feel that for top comedy effect anything or anyone that falls on the treadmill must bounce a couple of times on the belt before being flung at high speed at the wall.

Despite my complete lack of organisation and missing 2 reps, I enjoyed the run. It wasn’t too testing and if I had the time I probably could have lengthened it to 10 – 12 reps. But the most important thing was that it was my first proper marathon training session for Bournemouth Marathon!! Bring on the long runs!! 

Session: 6 x 800m starting every 5 minutes at 14.4kmh (6:42 min/miles)


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets more damaged from high heels than from running!

    1. It was ridiculous! If someone had told me that I would ache THAT badly, I would have laughed at them!! Just horrendous!