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Tuesday 2 April 2013

"In My Defence" ... a post written by my Little Sis

This is a post written by my Little Sis as a reply to the previous post and the allegation of cheating ...!

"Ahem! Right.... In my defence...

The sparkly headband shopping wasn't my idea!! In fact I seem to remember it was your idea! And your idea to decide on a coffee at Costa the other side of town... and then remember the final sparkly headband shop..back over where we were before the coffee...! Grrr!

I have to admit the pub was the sole reason me and The Mr agreed to run however. Although on the way back we decided to go separately as you were running so slowly, we didn't want you to get out of breath behind us.... so we ACTUALLY went 5 miles round... just for you to save face... and beat you to the Black Horse meeting point. AND leaving the pub we picked up a drunken runner too... although she only ran for under a minute before deciding actually it was more fun in the pub, swearing as she tripped over the kerb and back tracked.

AND there was no vomit on our route.

I would prove it to you that we ran much further and faster than you... sadly my Garmin broke. As did The Mr's."

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