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Monday 18 March 2013

Week 13, Day 6: Fartleks are good practise for avoiding alsations

Week 13 Day 6

Goal: 5 mile Fartlek
Actual: 5 mile Fartlek

The weather meant that going outside was completely unappealing, but this was a fun session to do and when I got going I didn’t even notice the weather. I’d never done a fartlek session (intentionally) before starting this training but I think this will definitely be a style of training I will be continuing after Target 262. If only because it appeals to my inner laziness. Slow down to a 9 min/mile going up a big hill? Why yes please? And speed up dramatically when a huge alsation dragging a chav dressed in a white hoody comes towards me? It’s the perfect workout for a Rugby housing estate.

I set up the Garmin to alert me every minute and I changed the pace every 1 – 4 minutes. It was nice to have the freedom of choosing the length of the interval as and when and trying to keep it as random as possible … although I did enjoy the last big downhill on the way home. It would be rude not to. Hills WANT to be run down.

This was another late night run with the headtorch and neon clothing. Morning runs are to be avoided at all costs and kept only for emergencies and races.

Time: 43:49
Avg Pace: 8:25 min/mi
Distance: 5.21 mi

2 mins at 8:47
1 min at 7:07
33 mins at 9:14
1 min at 7:05
4 mins at 9:16
2 mins at 7:53
1 min at 8:55
1 min at 9:32
2 mins at:9:56
2 mins at 9:07
1 min at 8:12
2 mins at 7:28
1 min at 8:53
1 mins at 8:54
1 min at 10:00
2 mins at 8:08
1 min at 7:47
1 min at 9:06
1 min at 9:28
1 min at 8:41
1 min at 7:29
1 min at 6:50
1 min at 8:33
2 mins at 9:37
2 mins at 6:33
1 min at 9:14
3 mins at 8:11
2 mins at 9:14
1 min at 8:17
47 secs at 7:22

See ... told you it was random.


  1. oh you have it all wrong hills want to be run up not down, down is the bit that should be avoided at all costs, even if its the only way home, you should move rather than run down hill.

    1. I'm sure you're doing hills wrong, Bear. Down is by far the most fun. I never have enough breath left to shout "Wheeeee!" on the uphills like I do on the downhills ...