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Wednesday 13 March 2013

Week 12, Day 4: 3 Min Intervals ... and Daylight!

Week 12, day 4

Goal: 5 miles of marathon, 10k and fast jog - 3 minute intervals (9m total)

Actual: 2 mile warmup, 5 miles of marathon, 10k and fast jog, 2 mile cool down, (9m total)

Decided to try an early morning run … more out of necessity and being unable to fit a run in in the evening but I thought it might be a good idea … after all most races start in the morning.

How do people manage it? First of all the getting out of bed at 5am for porridge … then having to leave the house before the sun was up … heavy, tired legs … having to stop for cars at junctions as the roads were busier (not usually a problem during late night runs!) … although being able to stop at Tesco for a call of nature rather than a pub was a bit of a novelty.

Ooh daylight! ... but FAR too early for comfort.

However, it WAS nice seeing a bit of daylight while running and it meant that I was able to use the canal paths which are usually off-limits when it’s dark because they’re so lonely. It was definitely prettier seeing the scenery rather than just blackness and orange sodium lights.


I used 7, 8 & 9 minute/miles for the paces. My brain doesn’t seem to function early in the morning so I thought I’d keep it simple. However, in the final ½ mile of the 5 miles of the intervals I still forget that I had to change back to 9 min/miles and wondered why it was hard going hopping over the puddles and kerbs … 

Some parts were a touch muddy

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